Be You

Be remarkable. Be unique. Be you.

When the X Games launched in 1995 it changed the landscape of professional sports as the world knew it. The X Games were the punk rock of sports. At Rad Brewing Co, we like to think we embody and preserve the radical change-makers that aren’t afraid of criticism and embrace individualism despite the naysayers.

How many people do you know that would have gotten involved in athletics if the definition of athletics included skateboarding, roller derby, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, arm wrestling, or the number of other “alternative” athletics we know today?

For a large number of people, athletics is the only place where they could find a positive role model, teammates who cared about them, and the discipline and accountability to improve. Today, we’re pricing out mainstream team sports and not doing a good enough job showing people – kids and adults alike – there are other options out there for them to find community.

That’s where we can help.

We brew beer, serve great food, run fun events, but what defines us is our dedication to developing community, getting people active, and helping them find mentorship, support, and value in their own, unique skill set.

That’s Rad.

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